Furniture, Business Cards, Mailboxes

Office Refresh program?

Finance, Operations and Administration is committed to bringing down the cost of sprucing up your offices, while also getting the projects completed faster.

The Office Refresh program applies to any office, regardless of size. Simply choose from one of six, preset design palettes. Substitutions are not allowed.

Once the crew starts, expect the project to wrap up within five business days.

It all comes with a fixed cost of $3,500. No haggling and no estimates needed!

The Furniture Program:

The Furniture Program provides fast and convenient office furniture services for campus departments.Our design staff is conveniently located on campus and can assist with a wide range of orders from a single task chair to a complex multi-station cubicle system.The design staff are credentialed designers who are also LEED GA certified.Their services include field measurement, space planning, product & finish selection, and they provide 3D renderings of all office design layouts.

Getting a Mailbox

Ask our local administrative staff to create one for you. Stop by PES 1110, Meyer 4138, or Academic Surge 1088 or just email with your request.

Setting up a cell phone and/or office phone

Office Phones: Contact with your office number and building, requesting a new phone line or changes to existing. There is a one-time installation fee for a new landline but there is currently NO MONTHLY CHARGE OR LONG DISTANCE FEES FOR LANDLINES.

Cell Phones: Metro IT Knowledgebase Article on Cell Phones

Ordering Business Cards: