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Hire a student

If you are looking to hire a student assistant (II-IV) please complete a Student Assistant form. Please be sure to include a funding source and the supervisors who will approve the student's timesheet. Be sure to include the student ID number of any preselected student.

Please send the completed form to Metro HR: metrohr@ucdavis.edu.

Once the position is posted and approved, the Metro HR team will continue with the hiring process.


Email Contact: metrohr@ucdavis.edu

Leslie Jones, HR Analyst

Cassandra Huff, HR Analyst

Graciela Villalvazo-Flores, HR Analyst


Student Assistant Form
Internship and Career Center
Student Employment for Graduate Students


Employee Benefits and Retirement

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Visa and Permanent Residency

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At Your Service

To update your employee record, view your earning statements, sign up for direct deposit, and more please visit UC PATH:



How to submit a time-card

TRS Information

To submit your time sheet or view past timesheets, visit the Time Reporting System.

Supervisors- go to the Time Reporting System to view and approve employee timesheets.

Create a past timesheet

You can also submit past timesheets via TRS. Please click on the Employee link and create a past timesheet via the Create Past Pay Periods Timesheet function in the lower left of the screen. You should be able to create a timesheet for the past two weeks, or enter a specific past date.