Before you travel:

Travel Expense Credit Card: If you are a university employee you are encouraged to apply for a travel expense card to pay for your expenses while you are traveling. For details please go to :

Please note that any out of pocket expense will not be reimbursed until you return from your trip.

Conference Registration: can be paid for by the Metro Travel staff to the conference organizers, with your travel expense card, or with personal funds.

Airfare: can be paid through Connexxus within Aggie Travel, your travel expense card, or with personal funds. We cannot reimburse for airfare paid by a third party. (link for Connexus within Aggie travel:

Car Rental: Travelers are expected to us UC System wide agreements when possible. (Hertz, Enterprise, and National). UC Travelers should decline any additional insurance. Any purchase of additional insurance is NOT REIMBURSABLE. Please be sure to read Best Practices: Renting a car : (

International Travel:

U.S. Department of State travel advisory list

Country security rating map

If you are traveling internationally it is important that you register with the university for insurance and safety purposes. Please register you travel here: Insurance Coverage - Register your business travel with UC Away

Non employees: If you are a non employee (including students who do not hold a payroll appointment at UC Davis) Please contact

During your trip:

The rule of thumb is . . . “when in doubt, save the receipts.”

Conference Registration: If you registered prior to the trip and you did not get confirmation of payment, please obtain a receipt at the conference, which confirms receipt of payment and the amount paid.

Ground Transport (Rail, buses, and taxis): Save receipts. If you get handwritten receipts, be sure the date is filled in.

Keep Each Trip’s Expenses Separate: Each individual trip must be accounted for separately.

When you return:

SUBMIT YOUR TRAVEL EXPENSE REPORT AND RECEIPTS PROMPTLY: The quicker you turn in your receipts, the quicker you will be reimbursed. If you fill out the Travel Reimbursement form completely and accurately, you can help to speed up the reimbursement process.

Getting reimbursed:

If you are an employee please go to to complete a travel EXPENSE report (do not complete a travel expense request).

If you are a non employee please complete the form found here (Travel Expense Request Form) and send it to

Additional tips:

Meals & Incidentals: UC reimburses actual costs of meals, up to a maximum of $62 per day.

Lodging: The receipt must be in your name and itemized. While it may be convenient for one person to make two reservations, make sure that when you pay, the receipt lists you as the hotel guest.

Ground Transport: Save receipts. If you get handwritten receipts, be sure the date is filled in.

Don't Pay For Other Travelers: each traveler must pay for their own travel expenses and submit their own receipts with the request for travel reimbursement. Do not pay for someone else's meals, travel, lodging, etc., with either cash or credit.

Adding Delegates

If you would like assistance from the metro travel staff please add us as delegates. Instructions can be found here:

Please add the following delegates and give all of us "can prepare" and "can view receipts" access:

Alexis Arevalo-Phung
Sondra Bryd Gillian Ceja
Patricia Harlan

Francisco Melgoza
Josef Spridgen


If you have additional questions please visit the travel website here:

Or contact