Account Management

Account Managers:

Below is a link to the current account manager assignments. If you have questions related to the accounts for one of the Metro Cluster PI’s please contact the below referenced account manager.

Account Manager Assignments


Please email with the following information for any proposal submission you would like to work on;

  • Electronic copy of the Proposal Call/Request For Proposal (or a link to the Call/RFP)
  • The Sponsor (when a call does not accompany the notification)
  • Proposal Title (the final title is preferred but if not yet finalized a working title is acceptable) so that proposal actions/correspondence can be tracked. The title should be finalized by the time the routing process in Cayuse begins)
  • If Sub-Awards are involved in the submission
  • The Submission Deadline (as set by the Sponsor or lead entity in cases where UC Davis will be issued a sub-award)
  • Most importantly, in the event that it differs from the sponsor deadline or there is no deadline, the date the proposal needs to be ready by.