Green Office

The Metro cluster is participating in the Green Office program, and we want everyone to get involved! Green Offices help departments on campus reduce their environmental impact by offering advice on sustainable best practices in the office. From turning off lights to collecting and composting food waste, we can make a difference!

Green Leaf:

How green are you? Take the Green Leaf Assessment to see what sustainable practices you're already doing in the workplace. Learn how to reduce your impact or tell us something new and exciting that you've done!

Sustainability Tips and Tricks

  • Turn off lights in rooms that are empty!
  • Save paper that is blank on one side to use later, either as scratch paper or for printing!
  • When driving a car, make sure your tires are properly inflated to increase your gas mileage!
  • Buy products without as much packaging or with compostable packaging to reduce waste!
  • Share a sustainability fact or tip with a friend!